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Fanny packs were first mainly used by tourists, daddy's in their 50s and skiers in the '80s and '90s. But the fanny pack, also known as the bum bag, waist bag, or belt bag, has made a great comeback the last few years. We as vintage designer lovers have been obsessed with with the famous Gucci belt bag ever since Carrie wore her's in Sex & the city.
With its cool and versatile design, it is no wonder that this designer fanny pack is a populair bag nowadays. The Gucci belt bag can be worn in multiple ways to suit different occasions and styles, from a classic waist bag to a crossbody or shoulder bag. Whether you're going on a city stroll or to a festival, this designer bag can be transformed into something stunning every time you wear it. Celebrities have been spotted wearing their bum bags in various ways. 
Here are some examples of the Kardashians rocking this piece. Kim likes to wear it as a shoulder bag and Kylie wears the bag as a cross body fanny pack. 
But the upper style queen of them all, Carrie Bradshaw exactly knew how to rock the Gucci belt bag in the most casual way.. She, as a true fashion icon, knows how to implement this stunning piece in her looks. She really made it an essential part of her wardrobe. The Gucci belt bag has become a real classic, thanks to its appearance in the iconic TV show Sex And The City. 

We love a good vintage Gucci belt bag and that’s why we always try to have one in stock. We have had them in different colors, in the typical brown monogram but also in a black denim color. We only buy in Gucci belt bags that are in beautiful condition. These bags are real populair so if you fall in love with it, don't wait too long...

The Gucci belt bag is available in store and online, check it out here.

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